Russian Polystyrene Market Is Stagnating

Sep 4th, 2017

The production volume of polystyrene in the Russian Federation has remained practically unchanged for the last three years. Therefore, the polystyrene market is currently in stagnation.

Thus, in 2016 the production of polystyrene was almost 538.000 tonnes, which is by 0.3% more than production volume in 2015. The development of the chemical industry as a whole affects the production of polymers. This year, the chemical industry is demonstrating stable growth, which is the result of successful import substitution. In addition, in the first half of 2017 polystyrene products on the domestic market fell in price (82 thousand rubles per tonne) which is about 8,000 rubles less than in the previous year. Manufacturers are inspired and expect the development of the national polystyrene market.

For the last 2 years, import and exports of polystyrene have also increased. In 2016, Russia imported 126 million tonnes of polystyrene which is worth more than $207,500. Compared to 2015, export in 2016 increased by 20% (130,000 tonnes). The Republic of Korea is ranked first among suppliers of polystyrene in Russia (32.8 %). 14.5% of polystyrene production comes from Belgium that is followed by China (10.7 %) and Germany (8.5 %). The share of other countries is 33.4%.

In 2016 the export leaders of the country were the Republic of Tatarstan (70 thousand tonnes), Voronezh region (14 thousand tonnes) and Moscow region (12 thousand tonnes). Together they exported three-quarters of all domestically produced polystyrene. Due to the fluctuations in the exchange rate, in 2016 the export price decreased by 11% ($1.220 per tonne).