Honeywell Helps a Saudi Arabian Company Construct Advanced Alkylbenzene and Other Petrochemical Production Facility

Jul 26th, 2017

Farabi Petrochemicals Company, Saudi Arabia has started expanding the production of biodegradable detergents. For this purpose, it is constructing a new facility in Yanbu which is expected to be finished within the next three years. A new complex will be equipped with Universal Oil Products technologies from Honeywell, a top ranking company that provides a variety of knowhow solutions, especially best detergent production methods.

Under the contract, Honeywell UOP will deliver a set of services from design to licensing as well as the provision of adsorbents and catalysts. A facility for biodegradable detergents will include a hydroprocessing unit and a unit for linear alkylbenzene production (LAB), dehydrogenation and purifying units plus an alkylation section.

For Saudi Arabia, Honeywell’s assistance is the way to grow national and regional demand for petrochemical products, derive large values from petroleum resources and become self-sufficient in this chemical sector. After launch, the annual capacity of the Yanbu complex will be over 240,000 MT of normal paraffins and 120,000 MT of LAB. Additionally, they will produce sulfonates, mining chemicals, combustive and lubricating materials, process oil and non-fragranced speciality oils. As raw materials, the Saudi Aramco refinery will supply the complex with kerosene and diesel.

With the annual petrochemical production capacity at over 98 million tonnes, Saudi Arabia petrochemical sector is among the largest industries in the region. The recent profitability of petrochemical production is estimated at $ 108 bln.   It creates jobs for more than half a million people. A new facility will employ more workers as well as contribute to the industrial development of the western part of Saudi Arabia.

Growing demand for petrochemicals will be completely satisfied by the Yanbu facility. With strong margins, Farabi Petrochemicals can enter global markets as one of the leading LAB and paraffin producers in the world.