The Dow Chemical Contracted a New Nitrocellulose Supplier

Oct 16th, 2017

ChemSpec, Ltd, a specialty chemical distributor, has entered into the agreement with the Dow Chemical. From now the company will be a distribution partner of Dow across the U.S. delivering WALSRODER NC-Chip and nitrocellulose products. The trends Walsroder nitrocellulose and NC-Chips, commonly known as cellulose nitrate, are derived from cellulose.

These cellulose-based products are widely applied in the manufacture of a variety of coatings, including wood ones, and printing ink. Walsroder nitrocellulose products come in various forms: materials with high or low viscosity, isopropanol-, water- or ethanol-dampened. Dow produces plasticized Walsroder NC-Chips composed of phthalate-free plasticizers.

Dow is a big-name company distinguished by its innovative approaches in chemical manufacturing with an array of subdivisions working in many parts of the globe. More than one hundred years of scientific and innovative activity enabled Dow to take leading positions in the global chemical market.

Belonging to the Paris-based Safic-Alcan business group, ChemSpec operates in North America as a specialty chemical distributor. It is a management-owned company also represented in Mexico. ChemSpec is a supplier of additives to coating, adhesive, sealant and elastomer compounding markets (C.A.S.E.). In addition, it delivers specialty materials to the cosmetics sector.

For ChemSpec the partnership with Dow is a step forward to further penetrate and strengthen positions in the coatings and ink sector. The company’s responsibility is to leverage existing business relations on a national scale and internationally as well as to widen a supply chain among small and medium enterprises.