Oct 16th, 2017

The Dow Chemical Contracted a New Nitrocellulose Supplier

ChemSpec, Ltd, a specialty chemical distributor, has entered into the agreement with the Dow Chemical. From now the company will be a distribution partner of Dow across the U.S. delivering WALSRODER NC-Chip and nitrocellulose products.┬áThe trends Walsroder nitrocellulose and NC-Chips, commonly known as cellulose nitrate, are derived from cellulose. These cellulose-based products are widely applied […]...

Jul 11th, 2016

Wood replaces oil in chemical production

Petrochemicals as a basic element for many chemical products are mainly produced from oil. A range of pharmaceuticals, fertilisers and plastics are oil-based chemicals. However, there is an urgent issue to reduce the usage of oil in chemical industry on account of the decline of its extraction. Scientists are occupied with finding renewable resources to […]...